Dumpster diving for fun

wpid-wp-1433380799677.jpegAbout a month ago I saw a piece on CNN about a woman who had a problem at her restaurant.

Late at night,  toward closing, she would see people rummaging through the dumpster  looking for food.

So, she had two thing going on…1. she was concerned for the well being of the dumpster divers and wanted them to be a bit better  off…..2. she was somewhat embarrassed  by having this kind of activity going on outside her restaurant.

So this is what she did.

She posted a note on the  dumpster telling the dumpster divers that they would be invited into the restaurant for a meal-  a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of water!

So let’s assign someone the role of dumpster diver- me!

I am digging into the dumpster and  find granny’s leftover meat loaf and mashed potatoes, with  a healthy side of green giant peas and Apple pie.  I must now decide whether I am going to toss down this meal or opt for a peanut butter sandwich and water.

Hmmmmmm…..tough choice.


“Yes, uh yes sir,  please have a seat. We will have your  meal out quickly.”

“Yes,” I reply, “what will I be served?”

“Oh sir, this is your fortunate day, we will be serving you a peanut butter sandwich  and a tall glass of water.  Of course, peanut butter is  crunchy  or  creamy.”

My waittress disappears……..and so do I.

I somehow turn down  my peanut butter sandwich and return to the dumpster for a REAL meal.

Her generosity, while wonderful, did not quite do it for me.

I’ll take the meat loaf. As for dumpster blecchh, I will scrape it off.


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