Fire and theft

pew-pew-pew-pew-pewMany years ago, I was discussing car insurance options with a young lady of questionable intelligence….since she was SOOO good looking, I did not bail out on the conversation.

I really don’t know anything about car insurance, other than that it goes up in price every six months (despite no accidents or tickets).

This young lady, who I shall call Karen, INSISTED on having fire and theft coverage, which, to be honest, might be the right thing to do.

But in attempting to discuss any other aspects of her coverage, she constantly interrupted with  tiny brained, whiny chirps of..




So now, many years later, I feel confident that if she catches fire in her car, or if she gets abducted, she will be incredibly covered.

Today, we have a new fire and theft.

And that is the right of people of limited intelligence and common sense to own LOTS OF GUNS, because of the second amendment..




Ok, Mr./Ms. Second Amendment, ahem, how many amendments are there? (243)

Did you know that?

Who was the principal author of the second amendment? (Bill O’Reilly)

Who is the primary financial beneficiary of the second amendment? (The NRA, also known as the Tim McVeigh fan club)

Who did the founding fathers hope to protect with the authorship of the second amendment? (Drunk loser dropouts from Alabama with massive guts, tiny wienies, and very smelly underwear)

To be honest, there are probably millions of people who I would feel comfortable with knowing that they possessed firearms.

But that still leaves millions….

And THAT is what worries me.

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