Flavonoids, smarmy, creosote, and bilge

Sometimes I just love the hell out of a word, even though I have no idea what it means. I love the sound of it and the rightful meaning of it ( what I think it should mean).

For example, what the hell is a flavonoid?  At some point in history, someone (in a white lab coat), somewhere, said, “We shall call this a flavonoid.”

What could possibly have been the thought process behind that?

In my mind, a flavonoid describes the capabilities of Martian taste buds.


You probably already know what it means. But you’re wrong. It means to be smeared with jelly from head to toe. When you see the word smarmy in the future, please apply it’s new meaning.

And creosote. You probably didn’t know this, but creosote is the gooey build up found in the intestinal tracts of dinosaurs.

Best for last. Bilge. Bilge!

Bilge is massive quantities of sewage that have been aged and putrified, then furtively released onto a senior citizen’s village.

So many more words and so little time. More to come.

One thought on “Flavonoids, smarmy, creosote, and bilge”

  1. I love your words, Greg d.

    I have my own list.


    Flotsam and Jetsom.


    And some of them are place names:
    – Banfffffff

    – Saskatoooooooon

    – The Village of Oxbow Lake
    – Scajaquada

    Fun with words. I LOVE it!!


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