Rescuing women in peril

smin jack

In sixth grade, I had a mad crush on a girl in my class.

So since I still was fairly unfamiliar with sexual fantasy, I went in a different direction….

I daydreamed about rescuing her from peril. The scenario was always pretty consistent..girl would be out and about alone at night, she would MAKE A WRONG TURN, and end up in a very troublesome neighborhood. (Such neighborhoods did not exist in my village, but such petty issues were ignored).

Somehow, I would know that girl was late getting home, perhaps I would hear her parents call her name…I would set off from my house, walking the dark streets, always heading in the RIGHT direction.

“Gregory, what is the square root of 49?”

Jolted awake, I would respond to Mrs. Cadzow with a totally unrelated answer (perhaps ‘Ethiopia”) and then return to my daydream…

Ah yes, back to lost girl…

Heading down towards Dunn’s pond, find girl sitting on a bench, crying, cold, lost, filled with lust (OK, maybe not that, but I had to go there)….girl is SOOO happy to see me, gives me BIG HUG, stares at me with her baby blues, HOLDS MY HAND, and we walk slowly back to her house…gooey love music playing in the background.

I replayed that scenario a million times, plugging in different girls…I am now 65 and I MAY OR MAY NOT still do it.


Smilin Jack, a comic strip from dozens of years ago, also featured the main character saving incredibly gorgeous, fabulous curvy damsels in various forms of distress. I have no other memory of this comic, just the stacked babes. Perhaps Jack inspired my daydreams.

Here is a pic…aren’t these women wonderful?


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