The crazy ass air drummer at the Y

The Muppets used to have a drummer named Animal.  And he would pound the living crap out of his can only imagine him ripping eighteen minutes of In Aggada Davida in a smoky nightclub.

Aminal lives on, today, at the Middletown YMCA.

Working on the ellipsis machine at the Y yesterday and my eyes are attracted to a wild flurry of action about twenty feet ahead, to the left.  A young man, riding the stationary bike, wearing headphones, is doing a full rocker dude air drum solo, imaginary sticks flailing, hair swinging, sweat drops splashing.

Now I love this, because it takes my mind totally off the drudgery of working out, and I invest all of my attention in him.  Big, big smile creases my face.

This is where evil sets in.

I slowly set my phone to video camera, with every intention of capturing drum dude on high def technicolor.

But, as my born again Christian sister always says, God had a plan.

And that plan was to …

a.  Save this idiot from going viral

b. Save me from having the flames of hell licking at my soles

And God drained enough juice out of my battery to keep my video from working.

Now, you need to know, I have also been guilty of idiotic music behavior.  When I have headphones on and play music, I often sing along.  And because I have headphones on, I cannot hear how LOUD  I sing.

And once I was asked by the guy next to me to stop singing.

Where was God’s plan THEN to save me from embarrassment?

Today, at the Y, I mentioned to two friends about the air drummer incident.  They both immediately knew who I was talking about.

Except they didn’t.

Turns out that there are two other wild ass air drummers at the Y.

So now I am in search of a couple of air guitarists, and along with Animal the drummer and me as lead vocal, we will execute God’s plan to go on tour in the Bible Belt.

Potential roadies apply here.

Animal the drummer

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