The People!….People!!! lady on 1960’s campuses

The 1960’s was all about many wonderful memories.

Some, not so wonderful.

And People!…..People!!!! lady was a  bit of both.

No matter what the campus demonstration, from the Vietnam protests to Black student issues, one lady would step forward to the mike and try to focus the unruly crowd…
In the most nasal voice, she would yell, “People!…..People!!!!…please pay attention!”
Of course, no one listened to her.
So, you might think that she would get discouraged and move on to another position, like pamphlet passer outer.
But, noooooooo…. People lady was there for every STINKING event.
So we had to continue listening to her mindless whining.
At first, I thought People lady only lived on my campus…
So wrong on that.
On spring break one year, I was home doing beers with a bunch of buds from different colleges.  I brought up the People Lady.
All of the guys at the table jumped to attention.  They ALL HAD PEOPLE LADIES.
Within a few years, comedy groups started to make fun of the self absorbed, humorless demonstrators among us.  (not meeeee)
And People Lady was ‘sent up’.  She went national!
Forgot about People Lady for decades.
But then Black Lives Matters at the University of Missouri happened.   I was watching the demonstration on TV, and there she was.  People Lady.
It’s not that she was using the P word, but all of her behaviors were bulls eye perfect as the Peeepster assassin.
It was the lady, a JOURNALISM PROFESSOR! who called on black students to bring over a little muscle to rough up JOURNALISM STUDENTS who were attempting to exercise their first amendment rights.
Asked my son if People Lady lived on at Duke University, but he replied she was much more of a northeast thing….Southerners would have tarred and feathered her.
Hope to dig up the Missouri tape below…notice the absence of human intelligence reflected in her eyes.

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