Abortion by another name

Donald Trump recently indicated that he would kill the family members of ISIS terrorists…during the debate, he remarked that “They can kill us but we can’t kill them???”

OK, let’s chew this one over…

If Americans kill ISIS family members, it is a certainty that a number of the victims will be pregnant Muslim women, and their unborn fetuses.

Killing unborn fetuses…isn’t their a name for that?  Isn’t that abortion?

But, since Trump made this statement, which averts the Geneva Conventions and every wonderful American principle of the last two hundred years, not a FUCKING WORD from the pro life crowd.

Nothing from the evangelicals, the Huckabees, the southern preachers…nothing from the gun wackos who blast planned parenthood clinics…nothing, nothing, nothing.

Maybe Muslim fetuses aren’t up to the same level as Christian fetuses.  Less worthy of protection.

Let’s face it..these fetuses might grow up to be box cutter hijackers.

Let me think.

I have heard many of the Republican candidates express the concern that a very young girl, having been raped by a low life criminal monster, MUST carry this Satanic spawn to full term and deliver (never mind that a young child is not built for the devastation of child birth).

So, if creep inspired fetuses like THAT must be protected, why not less offensive Muslim fetuses?

Had an extended conversation with my born again Christian sister about this very issue….incredibly, INCREDIBLY, she shifted the conversation toward Obama and Hillary.

Slammed those brakes.

Her trembling, rage filled voice carried a clear unintended message….she had no FUCKING way of wrapping this issue up with a tidy bow.

If you take the time to read this, and you disagree, I beg you to respond.  I can only learn when mixing it up with those on the other side.

Look forward to Rev. Joel Osteen stepping out of his seventy five kazillion dollar home to lead the way toward this necessary correction.


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