Women talking baby talk

This morning, a commenter mentioned I was speaking in truncated sentences, and sounded like an idiot.

Idiot?  Of course. But why did I truncate?

Then I realized I was spending a lot of time on Twitter, where every space counts.

So I felt slightly less stupid.

Which led me back to 1969, when my college sweetie and her roomies engaged in baby talk…  a tad similar to my truncation issue.

“Susie, me give ems u tons and tons of hugs.”

“Eileen, I love ems u sooo much.”

“Oh Karen! Getting ready for my very special date with Greg ums!”

Greg ums heard enough.

“You fuckin’ broads are makin’ me puke!”


These young ladies had their puke cancelling headphones on…no dout about it.

But, after I broke the ice, so to speak, other boyfriends joined in on my complaint.

Did that bring goo goo shit to a complete halt?  Of course not!

It was not the end.

But it was the beginning of the end.

And that was good enough at the time….within five years, that shit was over  with.

Ain’t heard it since.


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