A struggling sales rep and a great football coach

Ten, twelve years ago, the University of Louisville had a great college football team…under Coach Bobby Petrino, they were at or near the top of the national polls.  And under Coach Petrino, their defense was led by their defensive coordinator, whose name I cannot remember.

I was a sport fan, and I knew of the Louisville football team.

At the same time, I had left the teaching profession to attempt to heal from some serious health issues.  When I finally returned to work, it was as a pharmaceutical sales rep.  And my plane plunked me down in one of countless southern cities for rigorous training, and I had to learn a billion medical situations…not easy for an old dog.

Most nights, I spent hours way into the night studying my medical notes…I would always be tested by eight the next morning.

One night, I could not stand being in my room…gathered up my crap and went to the bar, and picked a relatively well lit corner table to study at.  Ordered a brew and a burger, and settled in.

A very striking looking gentleman, perfectly tailored in a casual way with six billion dollar ostrich boots, pulls up a seat.   First thought is, HOLY SHIT, I don’t swing that way!

He asks a million questions, but remarkably none uncomfortable or squirmishly personal.  He then pulls over my medical texts, scans them, and within SECONDS, pulls together a plan to help me study….TO STUDY INFORMATION HE HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

And study we did, for a very significant amount of time….he cracked the whip in a way that never left a lash mark….and I learned.  And I was stunned beyond human capability to understand…who was this guy?

I started DEMANDING his identification. At this point, I was fully aware he held a special position at a special place, but I knew not where.

He finally identified himself as the Defensive Coordinator at the University of Louisville football program….the program which was at the very top of the nation AS WE SPOKE. And he was on a recruiting trip through the south.

I need to ask you…How is it humanly possible that the defensive coordinator at a major university could sit with a perfect stranger, AN OLD PERFECT STRANGER, and do what he did?

One of the most amazing things I ever experienced.

Now that I have written this, I am going to google like crazy and find out this guy’s name…

and maybe I will find a contact for him..

and if I do…

I will send him this story.

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