My son, his last name, and the wild world of Wall Street

My son’s last name is DiNunzio.

Somewhat similar to MINE.

Prior to my son signing on with his Wall Street bank, the young men who worked there were OBSESSED with the 1980 comedy classic Caddy Shack.

And they were doubly obsessed with the obnoxious caddy character…DiNunzio.

They even renamed a worker named DeAngelo,  DiNunzio.

They loved that boy.

So, my son, a REAL DiNunzio, signs on.

Gets the five minute tour, and moves to his new cubicle.


“It is IMPOSSIBLE that you are DiNunzio”


“We could not possibly be this lucky”, replies stunned financial wizard.

My pride and joy had to whip out drivers license, passport, birth certificate, and so much more.

Five minutes in, he was God.

Calls me that night, tells me the story.

“Wow, Mikey, only one other way things could have worked out better.”

“What’s that?”, he says.

“If me and Mom had gone with our original choice of name, Long Dong Silver.”


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