President Trump will kill Muslim babies….and nobody gives a fuck

Donald Trump has made it very clear…the families of terrorists must be killed.  He even vigorously defended this decision at the last debate.

And the people of this country has remained mostly silent about this.  Rand Paul  spoke up, but only with regard to the violation of the Geneva Conventions that such action would constitute.

Other than that…very little.

Please answer this…what in the name of fucking God has happened to our country?

American snipers perched on a rooftop blowing out the brains of three year old Muslims playing in a sandbox is OK?

Muslim mothers hanging out clothes in the morning sun take one in the eye socket?

Grandma in a walker takes a stream in the left ear?

Where, in the history of our country, with the possible exception of slavery, have we ever gotten it so tragically wrong?

But President Trump, and the Christian right wing, we have a problem….if pregnant Muslim women are shot, while carrying an unborn fetus, we have, by any legal definition, abortion!

Holy fucking shit!  We can’t have that!

Unless, of course, Muslim fetuses aren’t worth quite the same as Tea Party fetuses.

If that were to be true, then we are fine.

Folks, your vote will never be more important…nothing comes close, even the 2000 presidential election.

Don’t leave it up to the Supreme Court..don’t leave it up to non voters who are actually voting when they don’t vote.

Leave it up to you.

And if you vote for Trump, understand that the horror stated above is a…..


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