Why I miss George Motherfuckin’ Bush

Last week, Lindsey Graham absolutely blubbered on stage when leaking into his pants and thinking of George Bush, spluttering something to the effect (in southern drawl) that ‘Ah miss Ghawgh Bush, Ah wish he was still Pres u dent’

Two days later, Lindsey was done!  Gone, girl!

He learned what Jeb already knew….people have NOT FUCKING FORGOTTEN the idiot boy.

You may think that George’s decision to send out a flurry of lies to get us into a hoax war so that he could become a totally dick erect WAR PRESIDENT was the worst.  Sure, cost us sixty katrillion dollars, but no.

OK, you think, the decision to fly over Katrina and wave at the poor black people drowning, because let’s face it, PATRICIAN BUSHES HATE POOR BLACK FOLKS…nope, not the best.

The best, THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING BEST, was a much ignored proclamation in 2004….Georgie had a burning desire to put a man on the FUCKING MOON.



Excuse me, Mr. Elvis Presley dent, didn’t we pick that booger in nineteen sixty fucking nine?

I watched his moment on TV, and I made the terrible mistake of sipping some kind of beverage at the moment he spoke it.

And the next sound you heard was me spitting said beverage fifteen feet across the room at the TV screen.

Gee, maybe that famous Neil Armstrong quote, “One small step for man..” never really happened.  It was just a dream I had, triggered by a bit of mutinous mutton!

At the same time, the President expressed the greatest joyful anticipation of experiencing the new invention…the telephone!

Lindsey Graham, I am with you….I MISS THAT LITTLE BRAINLESS TWIT.

But do not despair, Lindsey…we still have Sarah Palin!


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