Strange, unusual word meanings

cheesecloth- a cloth you can wax your car with, then use with ham in a sandwich

tomfoolery-  a description of how my brother Tom has lived his life.

flying buttresses- large, Victorian age laundry women, hovering over a metropolitan area of a polluted European city

guacamole- the whack a mole game, as played in Tijuana

chapo- sore lips caused by using Mexican cartel produced drugs

dictator- a nasty SOB ruler of a country who is a real _____.

serpentine-  a liquid solvent sold in Home Depot, made from the waste of serpents.

plasma-  a drunken utterance of a man begging his mother for a cigarette.

tabernacle- the crap that I used to find in my uncle’s tackle box before he headed off to Canadian trout lakes, for a month.


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