The Harvard Christmas family dinner placemats

I am going to tell u something you didn’t know…

All Harvard fathers are pot bellied, moonshine drinkin’, southern sheriffs who shoot possums at night with Skeeter.

How else can we explain the Harvard University helpful placemats that give direction to students as to how to FUCKING THINK and REPLY to pesky, conservative, ignorant statements by family at Christmas dinner.

You think I am making this up.  But I am not.

Here is an example…Tamil Rice, as we all know, was the victim of policemen gone wild, who shot him to fill  their fucking Friday quota for plugged black kids.  The placemats give suggestions as to how to deal with this thorny issue, where parents might actually give the MISINFORMATION THAT THE LITTLE FUCKER WAS WAVING A VERY REAL LOOKING GUN.

Tell me, please, how can the smartest people in the world be so completely out of touch with the world beyond the ivy?

And where is the Harvard Lampoon of old that would have brilliantly torched these idiots with a very humorous placemat of their own?


As for my daddy, he would have watched me check the mat and set my head on fire.


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