Jeb Bush is up to some fuckery

Have you seen Jeb’s last commercial…the one that dissolves his repub opponents in and out of the oval office desk?

While dissolving, the narrator, who I believe is the fellow who has been doing PBS voiceovers for years!, strikes a blow at the weakest area of that opponent.
Very impressive production values….wayyyy ahead of every one else.  Borderline nasty, below the belt.

Folks, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Patriarch patrician dad George blasted the Willie Horton ad against Mike Dukakis…an ad that told the world that Dukakis unleashed terrifying looking black men on our wives and daughters, to commence the killing and raping that was interrupted by their jail term.

The most racially polarizing ad ever.

And what did George the Junior do?  How about the Swift Boat Veterans for Texas Style Truth.  How In God’s name did a no show National Guard flunky get away with taking down an actual Viet Nam vet?

Make no mistake about it…Jeb is entitled to the Presidency.  If Daddy had it, and idiot villager bro had it, then who has the NERVE to even think that Jeb should not have it.

That is why you heard it hear first…Jeb has skillions of bucks, and those bucks, especially in low poll desperate times, will translate into fifty megaton hydrogen bomb ads aimed at his Republican opponents…..and you will see them SOON.

TAKE     THAT     TO      THE      BANK.

<a href=”http:////“>View Jeb’s ad

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