A vote for Ted Cruz…

If Ted Cruz thought that supporting the rights of child molesters would gain him the presidency, he would do it.

He will tell Iowans everything they want to hear, especially with regard to crop issues.

And then leave Iowa.

And they will never hear from him again.

He will trash the entire metropolitan area of the greatest city in the world, an area fringed by my hometown, to win the Iowa event.

All while tapping into the resources of, as my Wall Street son states, “the worst bank in the world”, Goldmann Sachs, and Citibank, for a million dollar loan.

Oh, by the way, his wife is a senior exec of Goldmann Sachs, but we are all way to stupid to make any kind of connection there.

But hey! he has a point..we are ALLL, after all, gay, or at least pro gay.  Just one prob, Senator Jerk, a few months ago, you met with a group of gay hoteliers for the purpose of fund raising, and even stated that you would be OK with the fact that your daughter were gay.

Way to send your little sweetie down the river for a few shekels.

As President Cruz (as in scuz) will find out, it is impossible to spend a minimum of four years as President without visiting New York City.  All sorts of United Nations events and other things that will bring him into the snake pit on the Hudson. Awkwardness then, no?

What brought about all of this blather on my part had much to do with my visit to the Times Square area a few hours ago, as I dropped my son off at his New York City apartment.

Told him to watch out for the abortionists, the queers, the trans genderers, and all of the city folk openly copulating on Broadway.

He told me he would do his best to be the Cruziest guy possible.

Dear God, I can’t believe I am saying this…vote for Trump before you vote for this oozing pot of snake venom.

He’s just that bad.

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