There is no more slimier human than a Bush in South Carolina

First, pre Carolina…

George H.W. Bush, in his presidential election, unleashed the Willie Horton ad versus Mike Dukakis.  This ad is the most racially polarizing ad in the history of presidential politics.  The ad made it abundantly clear that Mike Dukakis would furlough scary looking dangerous black men into the white communities to rape and kill our daughters.  Even consultant Lee Atwater, a top Bush guy, expressed regret, on his deathbed, about putting out this ad.

So the next time you see the cuddly George and Barb in their Kennebunkport home, sitting in front of the family dogs, dig into your memories and remember where all the Bush shit piling started.

Perhaps nothing, in all of Presidential politics, beat what happened in South Carolina in 1980.  In a contentious race with favored candidate Vietnam War POW John McCain, rumors floated about McCain’s fathering of a (gasp!) black child out of wedlock.  In actuality, McCain and his wife had adopted a dark skinned child from Bangladesh.  Christian righties apparently wanted no part of that.  And Bush mysteriously won in South Carolina!

Oh yeah…forgot about the rumors that McCain’s wife was a drug addict.  As a person with a serious drug addiction past, I ain’t crazy about the politicizing of this.

Mysterious as to the source of these horrors, the stench always led to Bush top guy Karl Rove, a person who is now a regular contributor to Fox News.  If you google Karl Rove dirty tricks, you will see a kazillion entries….sometimes the smartest guy in the room is not the person who is best for you or me.

Step back out of Carolina, and move to the next election cycle.  John Kerry, who ACTUALLY SERVED in Vietnam, was clubbed to death by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who acted on the behalf of a guy who did not even show up for National Guard duty!!!!!!  Anyone seen the Swift Boat Veterans lately?  Paved the way for a slim Bush victory.

So we are back to South Carolina with Jeb!  Lots of money, very low in the polls.  Who will he go after…probably the guy above him, Kasich.

Let’s see, Bush’s operatives are picking from a list…

a. closet homosexual?

b. drugs

c. cheated at college?

d. fathered a trailer load of anchor babies?

Mr. Kasich will get hit with a high profile, glossy video ad later this week….unless it’s Trump, but that will probably happen later.

And the ad…what will it have nothing in common with???

The truth.

That is what America’s first family does the best.


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