Totally perverted email signatures

Too long ago to remember the details.

Can’t even remember the specific email signature.

Not even sure if it is called an email signature.

Here’s the deal.  I went to a New York State educator’s computer conference.  Saw an interesting chap talking about some kind of Internet stuff…this was in the nineties, so everything was pretty new and exciting.

When I got home, I shot out an email to this chap, who worked in a library in Liverpool, New York. Had a question about something.

He responded right away.  Have no clue what his response was, but I did notice, in the majorest of ways, his signature.

Something to the effect that he wanted to do unspeakable things to my ass with his tongue and other body parts.

How in the name of God could anyone assume that I would be comfortable with that level of intimacy?  A total stranger????

Maybe he was on a fishing expedition.  Hoping he would get lucky.

Here’s the deal…I had just given up ass/tongue expeditions for lent, just a few weeks before.

Prior to that, let if fly! baby!

Never paid a bit attention to the body of the text, which actually included the answer to my original question…I think.

Was gonna write back to him…maybe he has  a different signature!

But I just couldn’t work up the nerve.  If he saw me coming back for more, God only knows what he would send me.

Who knew it was such a fascinating world out there?


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