An Open Letter to the mainstream media regarding Donald Trump

Dear American Mainstream Media,

You have no balls.

Your nutsack has been clipped.

You allow a Hitlerian maniac to have full and total control of the process that will determine the next occupant of the White House….the most important job in the world.

If you ask a tough question, Trump will never answer…he will NEVER tell you how he will force Mexico to pay for the wall.  He will NEVER tell you the details of his health plan (like he really has these details anywhere).

And you, the media, always ON THE CLOCK, eventually have to give up.

Trump knows this.  He is fully aware that you have 45 seconds to get what you want, then you must move on.  Because the guy in the production truck is telling you that you must move on.

Chris Matthews, my former hero, has caved.  Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, and his partner Mika, are so laughably pro Trump that they were caught on a damning hot mike audio with Trump…saying things we all already knew, while burying their fucking heads into Trump’s lap.

Before I end, one exception…

Megyn Kelly, of Fox News (and I hate Fox News).

Megyn asked a direct but tough question about Trump’s misogynistic attitudes.

For once, Trump’s head exploded.  He viciously twitter attacked her.  He demanded her removal from the next Fox sponsored debate.

And watching Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Trump, I felt pretty certain that Megyn would get the boot.  O’Reilly clearly favored Trump over his brave colleague who committed the OUTRAGE of asking Trump a tough question.

But she wasn’t booted.

So Trump ran away, and refused to be further questioned by Megyn Kelly.

Yes, folks, the man who will fearlessly stand nose to nose with Putin pussied out to a 90 pound blonde.

Think     about      that.


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