Bernie and the bird

In a week where a former representative, Michelle Bachman, wrote a story about how God punished Brussels in response to Obama’s foolishness (and please explain, Michelle, why you want to live eternally with such a pissed off all powerful being who strikes out at the innocent), you might imagine that I am skeptical about ‘messages from God’.

And I am.

Till today.

In a viral video from a Bernie event, a video I first watched on TV at 5 am today, my head exploded…a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, but not by much.

During Bernie’s talk, he is visited by a bird.  This bird would have….

.had his head bitten off by Donald Trump, to wildly cheering fans, as a sign of strength.

.been deported by Ted Cruz.

.been ignored by Hillary, because he wasn’t part of the script.

But Bernie beautifully played off the bird, referencing the sixties era doves of peace…and then….

and then….

the bird hopped up on the podium, a foot away from Bernie! and was met by a fabulous Bernie smile,.. and a delirious reaction from the young crowd….COMPLETE PANDEMONIUM.

On a day when Trump and Cruz were trading on the dignity of each other’s spouses, Bernie done the bird.

And he won.

God, how he won.

And Michelle Bachman would NEVER hint that this was a message from her pissed off God,…(God hates non

Republicans, as we all know)  and she would be correct..

but maybe it was a message from a loving, caring God.

Coming from me, everyone should be skeptical.

But not one hundred percent skeptical.


bern and the bird


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