Columbia University mattress girl

I apologize for being a late arriver on this one…

Back in 1970, I sat, on a bench, by the lake, with a sobbing, pretty coed.  Cindy was sobbing because she had been viciously raped by a cool campus guy on their first date.

She had started that evening on top of the world, and she had ended it on the bottom of hell…a hell she had no way of escaping….because in 1970, their was no fucking justice for campus victims of rape.  So, as she cried, I did too.

Move ahead to today…brutal injustice still exists, but as with all things, the pendulum of life swings both ways.

Emily Sulkowicz of Columbia had been brutally raped by another student, Paul.  Anal penetration had occurred.  She filed grievances with the university, but Paul had been cleared…cleared in a system that is now insanely loaded in the direction of the ‘victim’.  Two other women, VERY CLOSE FRIENDS OF EMILY, also filed sexual grievances against Paul…also dismissed.

As I see this, I wonder…perhaps this guy is not the monster in this situation.

But Emily is not done…much like Florida Governor Jeb Bush in the Teri Schiavo case, Emily was going to take this to the wall, and far beyond the wall.

Her art professor suggested that she carry her mattress around campus, and he would approve it for academic credit, and the performance art would be labelled “Carry that weight”.

The attention from campus women was mind blowing.  They were ALL ON BOARD.  Scumbag Paul had to go.

But, even better, the international goo goo set went bananas.  The New York Times and every other rag that printed ‘all the news that’s fit to wipe’ jumped on the bandwagon.  The art community went ballistic….real art critics gushed about her brave ‘statement’.  Fucking Senator Gillibrand invited her to the State of the Union address!  Our tax dollars paid for that one.

And everyone agreed….Paul had to leave Columbia University.

But Paul didn’t…he kept a very low profile despite constant harassment…his parents in Germany were constantly pestered , despite the fact that his mother stated that Paul was raised as a ‘feminist’ from birth.

What no one knew was that Paul was in possession of ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle’, but chose not to share that with anyone for a very long time.  And it appears that the reason he held out so long was because he did not want to embarrass Emily.

The act of a monster????

Finally, Paul had no choice…he was in possession of a large number of tweets between himself and Emily.

Oh   my  God.

Turns out, mattress girl had it BAD for Paul, and they had been sexual lovers for a considerable length of time.  She also shared information about other sexual trysts, way too many to mention.

And the claims of anal rape?  Paul produced a tweet where she asked him to ‘fuck me up the ass’.

So, of course, everyone backed off a bit.

Are you fucking serious?

“Women say strange things after being sexually raped.”

Yes, that was actually said by people who should have known better.

So, Emily continued carrying that weight…but the funny thing was, that mattress was loaded with embarrassing stains for the entire world to see.

Paul never quit…never.   He attended his commencement exercises, along with his parents, who flew in from Germany.

And they watched Emily jump on stage with her mattress, to great cheers..despite specific direction from the university to leave it home.

Paul, now a ivy league grad, cannot find work.  Emily turns away more job offers than Paul will ever see.

But the tide is slowly turning…how do we know?  Google Emily Sulkowicz memes…..and see what people think of her NOW.

As for Paul?  He has filed a multimillion dollar suit against Columbia, but brilliantly, he has not included her.

And is Columbia culpable?  Did they make Paul’s academic experience a nightmare by aiding and abetting the fucking mattress girl?

Sure seems that way.

Therefore, I think the Ivy creeps have every reason to worry much.

Keeping an eye on that.

So who is the real loser?  Remember Cindy from the top of this story, the hauntingly beautiful girl from the lake bench?  The girl who was REALLY RAPED!  Today’s Cindy’s are the real victims.  Because of Emily, there is an extra layer of skepticism that our current Cindy’s have to fight through.

And that, my friends, is the real tragedy.


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