Redundant colon???

Yep, I had the procedure.

We all know the procedure.

Eat no food, drink the icky fluids, run to that special room in the house a dozen times….then go to the hospital for a revisit to ‘Fun on Cellblock D’.

I have had this procedure done dozens of times since the nineteen seventies.  And it used to be fairly painful, even with a delightful cocktail of brain stimulating drugs.

Today, it’s total knockout.  Don’t feel a thing.  Which is good, I guess, but I still miss the euphoric cocktail.

So, the other day, I get the report on the procedure.  And everything is explained in detail.  Growths that are harmless, and others that might pose a risk.

All sorts of other stuff, too, which I would speak of in detail, except that the report is in my car, and it is currently 4 am.

But to the point…my report had the box checked next to ‘redundant colon’.  And no explanation for that…nothing.


Redundant is defined as follows…

not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous

So, I am thinking…every human has about 8 miles of colon…how could I possibly have more colon than is useful?

Do I have nine miles of colon?

(And why ‘more than I need’ on this body part, and not, perhaps, another valued and loved body part?)

Further investigation reveals that the condition is harmless, and no action need be taken to address it.

That’s good.

Just makes me wonder, though.  Since I have more colon than is necessary, does that mean the cheeseburger I eat in July reaches its final destination by October?

I guess I will have to eat glow in the dark foods to actually determine if this might be true.

Just another exciting morning on Airport Road.


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