Judge Scalia and the Bohemian Grove

Judge Scalia’s hunting camp, where he died,  was actually a club for rich, white, creepy men who, essentially, want to rule the world.  They were not the Bohemian Grove, but apparently, a tributary of the Bohemian Grove.

If you hit the Grove, or Yale’s Skull and Bones, and probably a ton of others, you are going to see a lot of robes, candles, and an overwhelming scent of exotic body oil.

Saying this as the most accepting human on the planet,  betting my substantial checkbook that all of these places accept, and perhaps require, intense homosexual type conduct.  Just a feel for that last statement, but I would plunk down five hundred or so on it.

These are worlds only open to insanely rich, powerful men whose sole desire is to become richer and more powerful.  Think Bushes, all of the Bushes.  Daddy, Georgie, Jebbie, and Neil, ( I think his name is Neil).  Also go way back to Prescott.  And lots of Supreme Court justices….and Dicky Cheney.

Which leads to the obvious question, does a Supreme Court Justice, like Scalia, recuse himself when a fellow Grover’s case comes up?

We already know the answer, pretty much.  Scalia went duck hunting with Cheney,  then, with great vigor, refused to recuse himself when Cheney came before the court.

Did Cheney and Scalia hunt together at the club where Scalia was found dead?  Hmmmm.

The best part…many in the nutty conservative side are screaming for an investigation about Scalia’s death.  Dear God!  How great is that?  Let the conservacreeps do the digging!  They will have to be turned away by the Grand Wizard, and then they will think it’s a liberal conspiracy.



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