Biggie is such an idiot

First, the fact that I am talking about a guy named Biggie, and I am not referring to myself…amazing.

Biggie is a guy who was a big time football star at Syracuse in the early seventies, but did not quite make it to the pros.  So he wound up in the wonderful world of teaching with jerks like me.

Had a lot of fun with Biggie…MUCH CHOPS BUSTING.. but we never dined out together, or engaged in other out of work social events.


Recently, I have spoken of the three years of torturous hell that I lived through in mental health lockup…and the worst part was the lack of visitation by friends.

But there was one exception….and that was Biggie.

Biggie got me a pass  to leave the hated unit and go out to breakfast during his first visit…now, ANYONE ELSE, dealing with an uncertain situation, involving a MENTALLY ILL PERSON, just might tread lightly.

Not Biggie.

I was telling a story, specifics unremembered, about something stupid I had done on my unit.

Biggie looks at me and says…”Huh, you’re still such an asshole.”

When, my friends, is the last time you CHERISHED being called an asshole?

And Biggie continued making the 2 hour round trip to my new home.

He never considered that…

It was not a place he wanted to be

He was scared of what I would look and sound like

It was too much bother to drive that far

As time went on, he visited more often…and let me be straight with you, he cut me NO slack.  All prior life rules applied.  If I was a jerk before, and behaved the same now, I was still a jerk.

God, I love that knucklehead.

He did so much more…cannot tell about it all.


Came out of hell with three goals-

Would try to be funny every day

Would always visit the unvisitable

Would do something nice for Biggie and his wife at least once a week

Doing pretty well…except for the funny part, as we can see from recent posts.

But I am visiting the unvisitable…but not as much as Biggie.

Now I do dinner with Biggie and his wife, Larri…no gooey love, but intense chops busting to the highest order.

But it’s not just me they assist..they help dozens of folks, not based on a fear of God and an observation of the ten commandments (shit, they don’t even go to church).

Biggie and Larri’s sense of purpose was set in stone at a very young age, in the wonderful decade of the fifties, living the hard working farm life of western Orange County.

Now, it’s Friday, 3am, and I have not done a nice thing for Biggie and Larri yet this week….but I still have two days left.

I will do something.


2 thoughts on “Biggie is such an idiot”

  1. They are the best. They have touched so many lives–including mine. What can I do in return? I try to pass it on and help others.


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