Great men of the sixties…and Rush Limbaugh

Could not suck enough image out of the black and white TV in the could a twelve year old kid be so obsessed?

People of power actually began and ended with JFK, he of the incredible good looks, enormous sexual appetites, and fabulous sense of humor. (Knew of it all at the time exceptin’ the babes)

But it wasn’t just JFK…

To watch the incredible torture that the most gifted politician of almost any era, LBJ, suffered through as he attempted to fight a war he did not understand…God, so awful to watch, but impossible NOT to watch.

incredibly memorable characters like  Everett Dirksen!, Bobby Kennedy, Robert MacNamara, etc. in the political arena, and Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, and so many more in the entertainment arena.

Must see, TV, babe.

And the JFK assassination?  Now 65, I still have not gotten over it.  Changed my life, and so many others, forever.

Recently, had lunch with an old friend, and we reminisced about how we had spent the day of the assassination together, at my house, and cried.  We cried again at the lunch, a few short weeks ago.

Today, as an old man, looking for better tomorrows, I wake up to the nasally whine of the drug addled twat Rush Limbaugh, you know, the guy who called thirteen year old adolescent girl Chelsea Clinton a dog.

But much more sinister, I also wake up to the prospect of a certain election of Donald J Trump as President.  A man who will somehow determine the Islamic faith of thousands at our borders, and when confirmed, will turn them away.

The same man who has indicated, in the clearest of terms, that he will kill the families of ISIS terrorists, with no expression of outrage by Pro life screamers that the unborn children of Muslim mothers will also perish.

President Trump will also build a wall, because really, isn’t that the most predictable piece of this lunatic puzzle..that we will wall off our President’s personal 1940 era Germany from the rest of the world?

And please, let me not forget those murdering, raping, Mexicans.  Our benevolent despot will most assuredly deal with them in appropriate fashion.

Here is the dark, wonderful irony.  My sister, and other Tea Party idiots, have constantly screamed that Obama will take away our guns.  Well, dammit, he better hurry, because he only has ten months left.

But FUCKING understand this….Donald Trump will take away your guns.  He will start with the Muslims, and not a whisper of complaint will occur.  He will then continue on to the Mexicans and other pesky Hispanics.  And at this TIME IN HISTORY, he will have such an incredible power lust driven erection, he will take them all.

And his red state, jack booted thugs will be only too glad to do his bidding.

So, upon Trump’s inauguration, who will go first?

Me.  Or people like me who are better known, more literate, more glib.  We will disappear, and you will never hear from us again.

Lunatic paranoia.


But even you’re not sure.


2 thoughts on “Great men of the sixties…and Rush Limbaugh”

  1. You’re a very intelligent man, Greg. Why does your logical mind go there? Even on the remote chance that Trump gets elected, this is America! We do not live under a dictatorship! The Republicans and the Democrats hate him. He will be a figurehead. That is all. The scariest part of him being elected would be that so many Americans voted for him. That’s why you have to vote for the Democrat. Whomever that is.


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