The Bob Hope Viet Nam/World War II specials

Ladies, forgive me!

In order to tell this story, I first must stop here…

In 1964, I first heard the words ‘Built like a brick shithouse’ to describe a very curvy girl.  My friend Robbie tossed it out, and I wrestled with the imagery forever.

But, it didn’t take me that long to find a place to assign it.

And that place was the space on the TV room floor, in front of my Mom’s recliner, as we ALL watched the Bob Hope VietNam (and dozens of other military sites) shows.

And I thought of that phrase as I,  a 13 year old, watched Joey Heatherton, Raquel Welch, Ann-Margret!!!!!, and dozens of other spectacularly built women flirt with the servicemen, and dump on Bob.

They don’t make them like that anymore.

Now who saw this?

Pretty sure everyone over the age of 55…and I am 65.

Although in black and white (at first), followed by color years later, the format was always the same…jokes, golf clubs, Phylls Diller!, the hot honeys, the band, dance routines, and countless shots of fabulously joyful servicemen, some sitting in trees and poles.

Oh, and I forgot Jerry Colonna, the bulge eyed, crazy mustached, staccato voiced one liner machine, who was my personal favorite.

Bob started the shows during World War 2, and continued performing with his guests for forty years.  Most since passed away, some still alive, with the amazingly attractive Marie Osmond commercialing her way through my consciousness.

No rappers, no F bombs, no bling, no ‘Hey everybody, look at me!’….none of that shit.

Solid, family entertainment with a bit of the naughty hot girl innuendo.  And I lovvved that.

Two people in this world I wished eternal life on..

One is my wonderful best Dad in the world neighbor Vic Voegelin, who is still hitting them out of the park in his nineties…

The other was Bob Hope, who made it to 100, but flunked the eternity test.

What made me think of him?  Woke up at 11 and an infomerical for a DVD set of Bob’s greatest shows appeared on channel 358…the CASH channel.

Funny, when Bob was on the tube, there was no channel 358….only about 7 channels we picked up in the most fuzzy way from New York City.

But satellite TV had nothing to beat it.

Was great stuff.


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