The greatest Trump poem ever written! Huuuuge! Believe me!

Across the dusty windswept plains,

A mighty figure rode,

With hair of brilliant orangey hue,

And countenance of a toad.

He was the ultimate self made man,

With help from daddy’s millions,

Without proof from his tax returns,

He now claims worth of billions.

He has captured the heart of angry white men,

with pickup trucks and beer,

And tons of semi auto guns

that keep them safe from fear.

He cares so much about middle class Joe!

He relates to common guy worries,

Although he’s never spent a single day

With those whose favor he curries.

He’ll make America Great Again!

He’ll build a great big wall!

He’ll make the Mexicans pay for it!

Don’t ask how! He’ll stand tall!

He saw thousands of Muslims stand and cheer,

When the  Towers fell across the river

Those filthy Jersey Sharia creeps

We’ll make them cry and quiver!

Problem is there is no proof!

No photos, sound or tape

Our flame haired hero’s only support

Is statements from his apes

He’s peddled in conspiracies,

The death spiral of the loser!

Ted Cruz’s dad killed JFK!

Hill’s brain a real confuser!

Will he become the head of state?

Our safety, shield and sword,

Will the entire glorious, wondrous globe,

With his hate spew reach accord?

If you care about this fabulous land,

Centuries in the making,

And feel that it’s immediate future,

Is wobbly, frail and aching.

Then let your vote not go uncast,

Walk,  drive, run, swim or crawl

To your polling place this crisp aired autumn,

To not do…..

May cause our irreversible fall.


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