I and I alone…

If I were to choose one phrase that tops the list of all that Donald Trump has said, it is…

“I and I alone..”

He said this at the Republican Convention, during his acceptance speech, watched my millions, and the saying of it caused wild cheering.

No more generals (he knows more than the generals about ISIS anyway), no more senators and representatives, no more judges and Supreme Court, and certainly no need for a Presidential Cabinet.

The thought hit me…Dear God, this explains his admiration for Kim Jung Il, Saddam Hussein, and his wildly over the top love intoxication for Vladimir Putin.

Do you ever notice he has NEVER expressed admiration for a democratically elected world leader?  He was nice to the President of Mexico for twenty minutes (because he has no balls) and then went flying home to his people and took back everything he said.

I googled various combinations of ‘I and I alone’ in an attempt to find other democratic leaders who have said this over the centuries…

Could not be found.  Every leader usually says something to the effect of  ‘Working together we can….’


In January, President Trump will be facing a nuclear threat the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Cuban missile crisis….from North Korea.

He and he alone can fix it.

Give that some thought.

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