This year’s election will be like a vial of smallpox in your mailbox

This November every voter will receive the equivalent of a vial of small pox in their mailbox.

Millions will call the police, take every precaution, see that it is completely and appropriately disposed of.

Millions others will set it on their kitchen table, look at it, and think….

“What the hell….”

Donald Trump is that vial of small pox.

If you don’t know the difference between a change agent and a ‘once in a thousand year agent of misery and disaster’, it’s time to read a history book, visit a college history professor, or call on a holocaust survivor.

Force yourself away from Fox News and intentionally have lunch with people who don’t think like you.

Give up the notion that this country needs to go back to your hometown of 1956 which was entirely white, entirely Christian, and the biggest difference issue was whether your dad drove a Chevy or a Ford.

Oh yeah!  You go berserk because some football players don’t honor the national anthem like you want them to…yet you dishonor the incredibly heroic war service of  John McCain, because he was stupid enough to be captured.

Finally….the first person who will be unhappy come January after Trump wins is…

Everything you take for granted…going out for dinner, reading your favorite news (except Breitbart), sleeping free of nuclear war fear…EVERYTHING…will no longer be taken for granted.

Folks, thin skinned, insecure little men don’t even make good street sweepers, much less presidents.


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