Donald Trump is screaming for help..from someone that knows…

There is something called the ‘Goldberg Principle’ that prohibits mental health professionals from diagnosing people without meeting them privately.  My understanding is that it began in 1964 when Barry Goldberg ran for President.  Haven’t heard much about the Goldberg principle in the last fifty years.

Until this year.

A few highly accredited psychiatrists offered opinions, especially with regard to narcissistic disorders, about Trump during this election cycle.  They were then admonished by respected colleagues for doing so without benefit of private scrutiny.

I am not burdened by the observation of the  Goldberg principle.  But I am an expert, in a sense.

I have spent extensive time living in mental hospitals, including three years straight at Rockland Psychiatric Hospital, about ten years ago.

And I can tell you this…a lot more Trumps live inside the walls then you realize.

One, in particular, named Robert, lived three doors down to the left.  Braggart, bully, liar, self aggrandizing…always came up with alternative facts to make the world fit his twisted viewpoint.

It reached the point where I would start each day making up a lie about some aspect of his wonderfulness (his looks, his intelligence, his leadership), just to keep him off my back.

Sound familiar?

I write this now because of Trump’s  double obsession with inaugural crowd sizes and popular election vote count.  He visited this twin tower of insanity once again last night before a bipartisan group of legislators.  He now insists that up to five million ‘illegals’ voted in the election (accounting for Hillary’s popular vote surplus), because three million, as stated previously, didn’t quite cut it.

What were they thinking as they sat there?

I am telling you this, now.  Donald Trump is screaming for help.  He needs the highest level of professional assistance.  We are in an unsurvivable four year period if he stays in office.

As bad as Pence is, let us start the process of moving in his direction.

Just think one final point.  When you tuck your kids in at night, do you feel they will awaken safely with this man’s thumb on the nuclear strike button?


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