The stupidity of childhood staring contests

What made me think of this?

I mean seriously, why do these thoughts pop in my head?

I will bet huge sums of petrodollars that every person on this site engaged in staring contests as a kid.

Actually, there were two kinds…blink and no blink.

No blink caused a kind of torture that we would have never put up with in any other aspect of our lives. Tears streaming, eyes screaming, little eye muscles stretched beyond stupidity.

But, as we all know, conceding defeat was NEVER an option.

Blink, on the other hand, could last for days. And if your mom looked in and saw that you were engaged in blink staring with your brother, she was relieved.

Mom knew that she could do anything she wanted for hours and not worry that you were going to be making car bombs in the basement. She could even go grocery shopping, knowing full well that you would still be engaged in the same moronic activity when she returned.

When my son was young, I would engage him in blink staring contests. To engage in no blink with a four year old was a tad brutal. Of course, with my son, I would add the cheating element of tickling. He would try to tickle back, but his little arms were too short.

Since I grew up with kids who, for the most part, were in the possession of nothing more than a quarter at any given time, the freeness of blinking contests contributed greatly to the GDP, or something like that.

Leads me to an idea. When I go to the Y today, might ask Smokin’ Susie if she wants to blink awhile.

Very confident she will say yes.

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