Bill Krystol is a renegade news

“Bill Krystol is a renegade Jew”.

World War 2 Germany?


These words came from Breitbart News.

Run by Steve Bannon.

The man who is now the chief strategist in the White House.

Probably the most influential person serving President Trump.

Pretty clearly anti Semitic, for the White House, (once of Lincoln), now of David Duke and Alex Jones..and we know the spinners will spin this into a harmless misunderstanding.

This is no dog whistle.

It’s a train whistle.

Bill Krystol, by the way, is not a Democrat, or a lib, or a progressive.

He is a noted conservative of long standing.

Every person of every color, every religion, every sexual orientation, and all people of decency need to let their voices be heard.

This can’t happen.


We are on the road to tragedy.


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