Letters from Iwo Jima

The attached video tells the story of a young American soldier that began at the Battle of Iwo Jima, and still continues to this day….

It is a story that went international, and explosively so in Japan.

This very special man, wonderfully still alive and funny today, was our neighborhood dad, Vic Voegelin.

Everyone found any conceivable excuse to find our way to Vic’s house…he brought so much joy, laughter, snowball fights, water pistol wars, so so much more…God, we were so incredibly lucky.

Vic, a proud member of what the NRA used to be, taught us how to shoot rifles, and all humor ended when we approached these guns…you had to do EVERYTHING Vic said or you were sitting on the sideline.

Another cherished memory is chasing tiny gas powered airplanes across the windswept fields of Montgomery airport, lungs exploding after running what seemed like miles…but loving every second of it.

If God allows one person in this universe to defy the laws of inevitable death, and carry on forever, let it be Vic.


Ridiculous footnote-Vic recently informed me by phone that his first job as a sixteen year old was working in my Dad’s cow barn, catching cow poops with a shovel before they hit the ground and splashed onto the walls…we shared a great laugh.


Vic story




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