Death by 1,000 leaks

It’s over, baby.

And you know it’s over.

Dan Rather mentioned tonight that Watergate was the worst of the worst…until now.

And he’s right.

The dishonest media is on this like white on rice…the piranhas are feasting. Once that snowball is rolling, it hits the village at the bottom of the mountain with devastating impact.

Oh, except for Fox News and Breitbart.

They are raging against the massive leaks.  Laura Ingraham was totally apoplectic on Fox and Friends.


The poor babies.

Here is the deal..when Donald Trump was glowing with breathless delight when talking about Wikileaks, no one said a word.  Or, as I heard often, “It’s the truth, so who cares?”

Who would have thought that a presidency could end in its second month?

No more Trump.  No more Kelly Ann! No more Spicey.  No more Death Star Bannon.  And for the love of God, no more of that Nazi youth cat named Stephen Miller who trolled the Sunday morning shows last week.

The bad news?  We get Creepy Pence, unless he is found to be complicit in this Russian love deal.  Then we get Paul Ryan.

Oh, and the leaks?  It will only get much, much worse.  And soon, the rats will cut deals to stay out of jail (see Watergate).  

Trump was right.

He is making America great  again.

Just not the way he thought.

Mr. Trump…time to meet Bubba, your new cellmate.

The very bad news?

We, as a nation,  are in more danger then any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

We are that vulnerable, with no one in charge.

And we are all losers for that.


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