I found the dold! I found the dold! A 1959 cub scout classic…

My cub scout pack put on a play for the Blue/Gold dinner.  As I remember, it was about a band of bad guys finding gold.

My role was basically that of a sleepy Mexican who always failed to warn my guys of imminent danger. And then getting my ass kicked as punishment.

Brought out my inner Rodney Dangerfield.

Pete Martin had a more substantial role-and he proudly exclaimed to the world that we found the gold!

Except he didn’t say ‘gold’.

He said ‘dold’.

Yes, Pete had the ‘d’ for ‘g’ substitution problem.

During rehearsals, Pete Snyder would say, “Pete, it’s GOLD, not dold.”

And Pete Martin would reply, “I did say dold!”

So the show goes on… Montgomery Elementary stage.

I try to Brando up my horse shit role, but one can only do so much.

Pete Martin strides onto the stage, thrusts his fist into the air, and screams……

“I found the dold!”

Audience members would look at one another and lip synch “dold???”

So the play ended, and instead of celebrating with strippers in tubs of Dom Perignon, we settled for cookies and cider.

A great childhood memory?

I don’t know…

But one of thousands that still bring a smile to my face.


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