Kind eyes and big boobs

Karen asked to friend me on Facebook last week.

Hadn’t worked with her in twenty years.

She was a teachers aide when I was teaching. Happily married, two teen aged kids.

And she often made me twitch in a sexual way that I could not put a finger on.

It wasn’t that she was gorgeous, or that she had a great overall figure, or that she had a fabulous laugh.  Those are easy to explain.

For Karen, as is the case with other women, it takes more time to understand why I would have LOVED to have spent the evening with her. Could not explain it to myself for the longest time.

And it took a near death experience, or something like that, to make it all clear.

Back in the nineties, unlike today, I used to have severe blood pressure spikes…and I could always feel  when it was happening.

On this particular day, I worked my way to the nurses office to get checked out, and the nurse was out..but Karen was there.

She had me lay on a couch and looked down on me with concern…and I noticed she had the kindest eyes I had ever seen.

Almond shaped eyes, shiny brown, highly reflective.

At the same instant, her open neckline revealed two marvelous but not oversized breasts, in clear view.  Never realized before how nice they were.

The quiet concern, the caring eyes, and the full breasts seemed to explain much of the desire I had felt for years but was never able to articulate to myself.

When the real nurse returned, she took my BP…and would not even tell me the result.  It was that bad.

I was driven home and told to call the doctor, which I didn’t.

Returned to work in a couple of days, and found several reasons to visit Karen’s work station during my break periods.

Because with Karen, I now understood.

As the years moved on, the blood pressure spikes went away.

As did my proximity to Karen.

Might explain things.

Now that she’s friended me, I better get checked.



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