Riots in DC this July 4th…

The tinpot dictator will be having ‘God bless meeee’ party on July 4th..robbed Park Service funds, transporting tanks through the city, forcing military leaders to appear with him, VIP republican tickets to be given away to donors..jet flyovers, mostest fireworks in the world…no expense, billed to you and me, is too great.

Folks, this dictatorship, with the blessing of the Republican party, is in full bloom.

No other president has done a miltary might self glorification day…and that is because this is the United States, and not the Republic of Banana.

Demonstrators will gather…half thinking of dragging my bod back where I was tear gassed in 1970.

Speaking of 1970, that was nursery school compared to today.

Trump is a horrendously terrifying child man with a rotted, putrid moral core.

Nixon was just a bad guy.

Thursday night will be ugly..check the Chicago 1968 police riots tape on youtube…and check back with me on Friday morning.

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