If you look up gorgeous blonde in Webster’s, you will see Alyssa’s picture.  She was THAT HOT.

My wife met Alyssa many years ago while working at a wire and cable company.  They became immediate friends, and Alyssa started to hang out at our house…about four times a week for several years.

On the nights Alyssa was not with us, she was fucking hundreds of men on one night stands. Great looking guys with big situations,  and unlike her, brainless.  Pretty much all of these guys had six pack abs and blue eyes…I had neither.

And, if Alyssa did not want to go home alone, she NEVER did.

Alyssa wasn’t just hot.   She was exceptionally funny and borderline brilliant.

And I had to see her four nights a week.

Any sympathy for me?  Didn’t think so.

But know this- it was brutal.

Because she was with us so often, she didn’t care what she wore, or didn’t wear…and many was the night that she was with us for the full night because she had a few too many drinks.  So since she never brought nightwear, I had to view her in panties and t shirt.  My oversized t shirt.

Never made any kind of inappropriate advance.  But I did dream up ways of finding another place to go, just so I could escape the sexual pressure cooker that my home became.

So, I did play lots of pickup basketball games, and did visit some bars….and I FUCKING HATE bars.

Which led to the following exchange with my wife.

“Why do you hate Alyssa?”


“You always leave when she comes here!”, says wife.

Can’t win, guys.

Alyssa finally drifted away, but returned with a spouse!  A tiny Japanese rock musician named Dave.  We tried, but could only exchange a few sentences of conversation.

What was she thinking?  Divorced within six months.

Ten years later, back at our door again.  Gotta figure that years of hard drinking, pot smoking and intense fucking would show on her, big time.

But she was still gorgeous, and didn’t appear to have aged at all.

Ten more years have passed…the lives of my wife and myself took devastating turns.  We did, however, manage to raise a post Alyssa wonderful son.

No idea where Alyssa is or whether she spent a tragic one night stand with the wrong guy.

Every once in a blue moon, I think of her.  And tonight happens to be one of those nights.

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