Hey Greg! You look great! Soooo….

If a guy is six foot three, 300 pounds, like me, you might not think that women are falling over with wild desire…

But hey! If the guy was 400 pounds six months ago, then maybeeeee,  women are starting to see some chisel under the blubber…cause 300 pounds looks gooood compared to 400..and it is this 300 pound body that is doing significant walking and bike riding every day..so a bit of confidence is coming back.

So, maybe there is hope for some future cuddling, handholding, sunrise coffee sipping, and other forms of intramural sport that might involve body parts…with women that don’t look like backbenchers on Orange is the New Black.

I have been out of commission for a long time..my wife tossed me out in 2002 and I spent years in the spidery dungeons of mental health hell…but clawed and scratched my way out and I have become responsible for my own fiscal and mental and physical health, and   I got my son situated in Wall Street and my abandoning wife tucked into an assisted living situation.

The good news?  I’m not a bad looking guy, and I’m funny as hell, and enormously intelligent in an outside the box, creative way…NOT traditional classroom learning way. I can write a love poem for you to your girfriend, lover, etc. in five minutes that will leave her shaking in emotion.

I also have a deep radio voice (three years experience in radio) and I can, and have, taped Barry White type overtures directed at mature women that keeps the lube thing going…

So as a new twigling 300 pounder, I have set my sight on two women, one the desk attendant at the YMCA, a woman of unusual physical beauty that has suffered through some incredible level of man awfulness, and won’t let herself see anyone….and my Mexican cleaning lady, who has the most gorgeous smile on the planet.


Cleaning lady…after three years of cleaning, I have made my move, and she is now gone forever.  I was the classic older guy (near 70) fool, that I see every day at the Y, who chases the young skirt.  It never works, the girl becomes the cat who tortures the injured mouse, and bad feelings abound.

She is gone to the point where she won’t even respond to requests for where she put my luggage bag full of summer t shirts…so now I recycle three t shirts through the hottest part of the summer.


Desk attendant girl told me that she ‘doesn’t see any men..that it’s not about me’….I thought that was total bullshit, but then I found her facebook page.  The page shows her, her teenaged son, and pictures of her late father…not another male or female in sight.  Many ‘posters’ attesting to overcoming what life has to throw at you.

This is a lady with serious hurt issues, and she is not letting anyone in.

And I have tried, and been turned away, and still engage in tiny chitchat in hopes of hitting on something that will move things forward.

Bottom line, guy who looks gooood is not yet hitting his stride in terms of meeting someone who will show a bit of magical connection.

What will she be like?

Non traditional beauty (very possibly seen only by me) with a working class disposition is appealing.  Exercising, walking biking, bird photography, fishing, and dog loving to the max. Late evening non Olympic bronze medal activities are special.

I will keep you posted if some magic happens before I hit my seventieth birthday.

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