When you don’t tell your kid you love them

This one rips my heart…

No one ever said I was the greatest dad in the world, but know this-not one day has passed in my son’s 24 year existence when I didn’t tell him  I loved him.

And from the time he could first goo goo words, he has returned the love.

Right now, it is 3 am, and I have not told him i loved him yet today, but i will.

My son and I text about fifty times a day, which is amazing, because he is a wall street analyst, and he really does not have the time…but he finds the time.


On Christmas Eve, Mike tells me a story that happened at work recently..


A group of high flying financial young bucks are sitting at their workarea in midtown Manhattan.  One of the group is the brightest of the brightest, an Ivy League grad, the most promising of the group.


Another fellow is on the phone with his daughter, and continually tells her he loves her and reassures her that everything will be fine…

Ivy League guy looks at Mike and says, “I just heard more love from Bob  than I heard from my parents my entire life”

Mike tells me this story at 3 am on Christmas morning, and we both struggle to hold it together.

Fuck the money…fuck the big house…fuck the bling.

Relationships are everything.

And relationships with your kids?  Multiply that by one thousand.


I have often heard  that Dads who say “I love you” the most, heard it the least from their own Dad.


In my case, that would be true.




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