A po-em abbout the man i luv donald j trumpp

i hate city slickers

with ther ideas and monee

ceptin’ donald j trump

cuz he is my honee

i’m goin’ to DC

nock my teef out, grow a p tail

gona clime on a tank

screem lock hur up

bring a lunch pail

will beat up CNN folk

like that no good acosta

he aint sure no patriot

prolly eats food like pasta

my mesiah will speak

will rub my little weenie

like the prezudent i luv

it is limp  and it is teenie

i’ll bring lottsa guns

cuz da seccun amemment

shoot out da libruls

like biden that remnant

so’s if ya see me passt out

in truble with da law

call my frend to bale me out

his name is rush t. limbaw


thank u, thank u verrry mush


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