For a moment, she was back



My wife is in assisted living..has been for ten years..and she will never live in a traditional home setting again.


She drank her brain into a state where she can communicate well on a shallow level, but gets lost at any depth.


She will forget the unforgettable, remember that which is not there, and thoughts often enter her mind, get stirred up, and randomly get tagged to something they have no business hanging out with.


In her day, however, she was both a dedicated mom, who raised a son who was admitted to virtually every university in the country, but also a smart and savvy customer service rep.


But that was twenty years ago.


Or was it…


Shar and I had a very old car loan debt mildly hanging over our head.  No  nasty interest towing away of the car..just a withholding of the clear title.


Since I plan on keeping the car for another twenty years, the clear title was not a great emergency.


But it seemed silly to have this thing hanging out there…so this week I went after it.


But the bank would only speak to the account holder.


And that was my brain-injured wife.


Told shar to give me permission to speak on her behalf and turn over the phone to me.


But she didn’t.


She reached back twenty years, and turned on the charm, the intellect, the quick on her feet -ed ness…all the tools that made her a great success.


And on her own, she negotiated three hundred dollars off the fine..and I paid the two hundred dollar balance on the spot.






I was proud, and she was prouder.


We had not seen a sign of anything like that in ten years.


But not all stories end in a happy way.


In a half hour, she called me back…’You know, you need to call the bank on the car loan late charges’.


She had already forgotten.


Hey…take your victories however they come.

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