What Alexa hears in my house..

I have lots of Alexa…and it’s only me in my house, and a dopey dog.

If Alexa is listening, this is what he/she/it hears…


“Do you want to go for a walkie?  YOU DO!! Such a good girl!” (as tail wags wildly)

“Time for a snacky wacky?  No more mint chocolate chip ice cweam for you!” (as tail wags wildly)

“Your liddle brudder is coming today from New Yawk City..iz u excited!”

” Daddy gots da cowona viwus..so my liddle Honey girl has to cook dinner tonight!”


Can you imagine being a Alexa listener at Amazon headquarters?

How do they keep these people from jumping off a bridge?

Or, as Honey says, “Jumping off a bwidge”


It could be worse…3 am Alexa girl has to listen to my intimate conversations with my blow up doll…

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