My friendship with a sexual abuser

Getting here is so weird, complicated and based on a recent event, but the abuser friendship started fifty years ago.

As a twenty two year old new teacher, I became friends with Bill, a funny guy a few years older.

We both loved tennis and all sports related stuff…we wound up vacationing together as young guys looking for fun.

Bill started talking about how he preferred his sex (big blue eyes, all the girls loved him).

I was, and still am, Mr. Vanilla,

He was dark, angry, rageful, and loved abusing women, and engaged in unspeakable (to me) sex acts that must have caused outrageous infections in the woman’s entire sexual area.

And then he often threw their clothes at them and tossed them out to go home.

These women were teachers, some very young, and some much older, and in case after case, they would come crawling back to him after he threw them out.

And I know this because I saw this.

A million explanations for why they came back, and I am not the guy to explain why, but i can attest to witnessing the crying girls coming around the corner asking to speak to Bill.

It never went well, till he decided to knock on their door at 2 am, unannounced in the future for a return abuse session…the door was always opened.

I had no desire to ‘be like him’, but as a young guy, I was fascinated.

I personally double dated and knew many of these girls…mostly girls next door, pretty, personable, funny, happy….at first.

The smiles were gone, the eyes moist with tears (no evidence of physical beating around the face or upper torso).

Sometimes I was asked to ‘help’….could not possibly have seen that as a help to anyone, but possibly a cause for further ‘punishment’ abuse.

I stayed clear.

Bill met a young pretty teacher who he decided he would marry about 40 years ago.

She was a control guys dream girl…Bill gave Linda a set of rules to follow, she had to sign the rules list and return it.

I saw it….she signed it…and returned it.

Bill didn’t have to sign any rules list.

As the years went on, Bill and Linda picked up other female teacher friends who thought like they thought , used the SAME HAND GESTURES, spoke through Bill’s thoughts.

It got culty, and culty never gets better.

Fast forward to today, fifty years from the beginning.

I met a new Bill culter, church mouse secretary type….wouldn’t kill a bug.

And for her, that day, three weeks ago, this woman, a Christian, as they all are, told me that killing Dr. Fauci had to happen…


She then was raving about several of the cult members, who are now over twenty years in the horror hotel.

I This story will be updated, amended, and improved, but I have to wonder…

This stinks of Manson family for older folks…

Christians who want to kill Fauci…

Beyond belief.

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